I am going to deal with a huge amount of data in my project. I have read about big data concepts but never used it yet. But reading all those Big Data Documents I am still not sure whether my requirement needs Big Data or is it good to handle with traditional relational database. Here is some information about my DB.

My main DB is a repository for different data sources. Each of this data sources deals with same kind of data (data in same domain), but some data sources contain extra fields which in not available in others and some contain less. In other words some of the data fields in these data sources are same, but some are different. So my core DB should contain all those fields. Total fields in my core DB should be approximately 2000 fields and it may contain millions and millions of records.

The Db operation which is happening in my core Db will be data insertion and reading (searching). Since it deals with huge amount of data I was thinking to use big data concepts. But I am still not sure whether this suits for big data. Because some amount of my data has similar characteristics (same fields) and some contain extra information. And I need all the kind of searching fast in my DB.