Hello, hello, greeting from Scotland!

I'm a computer-dude (also known as a Manufacturing Technical Assistant) for a reasonably large oilfield service company which does subcontract work for lots of other companies: in short, we machine big bits of metal accurately. Sometimes we do small bits of metal too. And sometimes we don't.

As you may have noticed I like to ramble: it's because I'm also a part-time mad-scientist; so it fits the profile I'm afraid!

Apart from general tooling and engineering work, I also handle a fairly small (at the moment) database for keeping track of which tools are in which machines (see "Tool Management" for more info and ensure appropriate protective gear is worn in case the mess that is every machine shop somehow tries to injure you)!

I am needing some general database advise: just now its a flat data structure in a split Access Database (which was fine for <10 users, but it's growing arms and legs! In fact its also growing pseudopodia, cillia and flagella on top of the 30+ arms and legs it already had... Run now before it becomes sentient and attempts to engulf us all)

Well, it needs improving! I'm hoping to:
a) convert it to another front end that isn't access
b) convert it to a Dry Chunk format (we have duplicates of the same tool entry in multiple machines, so its going to bloat with time! Particularly as tools are replaced
c) figure out an SQL hosting solution for it.

Anyway, hello again, and I hope my insanity isn't catching