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    Unanswered: SQL 2008 R2 Mirroring as High Availability and disaster Recovery between 2 sites

    What would be the best HA and DR solution for SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise( 2 Instances) each hosting 100 and 50 databases respectively.

    Current Hardware Software :
    OS = Windows 2008 r2 Enterprise
    Ram = 16 G

    Is mirroring the best option?
    Is there any limitation on the amount of database that can be mirrored?


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    Mirroring is good for High Availability and some forms of Disaster Recovery.
    Do not RELY on Mirroring for Disaster Recovery. It is not a substitute for backing up databases and logs.
    Scenario: a faulty or poorly written ad-hoc process accidentally deletes the records in one of your tables. Since the delete is mirrored, you can't recover this data in any way except from backups.
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    150? It's not as many as I've seen, but it is definitely a prime candidate for a specific concern, - make sure to implement asynchronous!
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