Devart announced the first release of dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server. It is a GUI tool for a fast generation of large volumes of SQL Server test table data. The tool supports all column data types and allows to define tables and columns for data generation, set value ranges, customize parameters for each column data type, preview data before generation, edit and save data generation scripts for the future use. dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server saves time and effort spent on test data generation by populating SQL Server tables with millions of customizable rows of test data.

Full Support of All Data Types
The tool supports a massive range of column data types, including GEORGAPHY, GEOMETRY, HIERARCHYID and DATATIMEOFFSET.

Multiple Generators with Data Customization
Data Generator comes with individual generators for each supported data type, that allow to customize:
* Number of NULL rows
* Data uniqueness
* Value ranges
* Value distribution mode

Preserving Data Integrity
The tool supports foreign keys for generation of consistent data across multiple tables. Additionally, it enables disabling triggers and constraints to avoid interference with database logic.

Multiple Ways to Populate Data
The generated data population script that can instantly be executed against a SQL Server database, saved for the future use or edited in the internal editor.

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