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    Unhappy Database Normalization

    Good Day All,

    I had 3NF normalization is there anyway that i can work backwards to 1NF? Below is the example of an 3NF.

    Employee (EmployeeNumber, FullName, Gender, Address, ContactNumber,Email, DeptID , ContractID, StartOfContact, EndOfContact, Notes)
    Department (DeptID,DeptName)
    Contract (ContractID,ContractDuration,HourlyRate,ContractPo sition)
    Job (JobID, JobName, JobStrTime, JobEndTime, JobDuration, DeptID)
    Location (LocationID,LocationName,WorkForceRequired, JobID)

    Pls assist me.

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    Obviously we can go back to 2NF by grouping those entities and putting transitive dependencies back into.

    Nevertheless, I think the fastest way is to go directly to 1NF first, by grouping all attributes into a single entity. Then we remove partial dependencies to get 2NF.


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