QxOrm 1.3.2 (C++/Qt ORM Object Relational Mapping database library) and QxEntityEditor 1.1.8 (the graphic editor) just released.

Changes in version QxOrm 1.3.2:
  • Support C++11 types (need to set compilation options in QxOrm.pri config file to enable these features)
  • With _QX_CPP_11_SMART_PTR compilation option : std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, std::weak_ptr
  • With _QX_CPP_11_CONTAINER compilation option : std::unordered_map, std::unordered_set, std::unordered_multimap, std::unordered_multiset
  • With _QX_CPP_11_TUPLE compilation option : std::tuple

Changes in version QxEntityEditor 1.1.8:
  • Improve import plugins : reduce import process time : now, you can import hundred of entities in few seconds into a QxEntityEditor project
  • Relationship n-1 : possibility to define a database column name different than the relationship name
  • New file qxBlogExec.zip in the ./samples/ directory of QxEntityEditor package : this is a C++/Qt example project which depends on the qxBlog.qxee generated files
  • Improve import by ODBC plugin screen : new schema/namespace level in the list of tables/views treeview
  • Fix a performance issue to load large diagram with new style to draw relationships : you can now load quickly a project with hundred of entities
  • Add new C++11 types to manage relationships, decoration, collection (std::shared_ptr, std::unordered_map and std::unordered_set) : C++11 features must be enabled in QxOrm.pri config file to use these classes
  • Import process more permissive : possibility to import tables without primary key and tables without column

For more details about QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application, please go to website : http://www.qxorm.com/