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    Unanswered: Access DB datasheet sorted in incorrect order


    I have created an access DB but when I go in the datasheet view the default order is completely muddled up, if I change the sort view to the way I want it and go out of the datasheet view then the order will go back to muddled up again.

    I hope this makes sense I have attached a screenshot.

    TonyClick image for larger version. 

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    don't use datasheets would be the smart aleck reply
    persoanlly I don't becuase liek a spreadsheet its all to easy to let users inadvertently edit / change data without realising what they are doing. by using a form you can sontorl such things so that they are alwasy set when the form opens
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    thanks for the reply
    Well I took it from a template called contacts web database and made a lot of changes to fit my needs, so im kinda stuck with it.
    also it will only be me using it.


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    The table in design view has a property where you can control the sort order when the datasheet loads. Put your the sort you want in to the OrderBy property like [TableName].[FieldName] ASC or DESC, and if you want your sort on multiple fields, just separate them with commas and list them in the order you want it to sort. That will provide the default sort for your table. Now if you are instead displaying the results of a query on a subform, there are two fields on that form, one for OrderBy, and one that you set to yes or no for Order By On Load. Those can be found on the data tab for your Form when in Design view. Ensure the Form is selected and not some field as what you are sorting is the Record Source for the form.

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