I am looking for some direction for our free website that helps people in flood situations

I am looking for a database set up that would collect charts from NOAA website and timestamp them in a data base
The charts are run 4 times a day so would want over write the charts every 24 hours or so

I then want to be able to call each chart up

The charts are run at 00z 06z 12z and 18z
so four areas to store the following

Each of four areas would need time spacing of 3 hour too 240hrs total
They would need each of these for each 3 hour period
rainfall, temperature, wind speed, surface pressure , etc

All i need is some data base thats set up to do something similar and then adapt it to do the rest.
NOAA gfs weather charts like users to download charts to your own server so to not querie their servers constantly, this is why i need this.

I am not hugely technical, i am just a firefighter who has helped people for last 10 years effected by flooding. when i have build this for UK i will be then making a version for Worldwide for the global forecast system website which shows flood warnings across the world

Any help appreciated, either pointing to a database / php program that can be adapted, or any other assistance.