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    Question Data base concept ? how to introduce this?


    I've applied for a training in France, and for the very last interview I will need to talk for 3 min about the database concept ( to an audience)... I'm not a developper at all yet...
    It is a test, to enter in the school....

    I've no idea what to say ??? Could you help me on this?
    What should I mention , how to introduce this? Its sooooooo big....

    (I've chosen this forum, sorry if my english isn't perfect..., I avoid french forums just because of the other students who may have to talk about the same concept....).

    I hope you could help me !


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    I would like to recommend you this book:

    Coronel, Morris (2015) Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management. 11e. CENGAGE Learning.

    Chapter 1 and 2 would be enough for you to solve this problem.


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