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    Question Unanswered: Datasnap or RemoteSQL or RemoteDB or?

    One of the biggest trends in IT today is moving database to the cloud. Well, ok, great, but what about performance??

    My Delphi app yesterday connected direct to database trough plain anydac connection. Now my database is in the cloud and
    transfer of data became ridiculously slow. I found some of the products that can help me to boost my app.

    - Datasnap
    - RemoteSQL
    - RemoteDB

    Do you have any experience/suggestions about these products?

    Don't tell me that i need to reduce amount of data that i am transfering


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    is the delay a function of connecting to the cloud (IE any and every attempt to connect to any cloud db will be 'that' slow)
    is the delay inherent in your current cloud providers set up (and you need to find a more resonsive cloud db server.
    is the delay due to your network infrastructure not sufficiently 'tuned' to connect to a high traffic external service (it coudl be you need to re examine all links fromt he application via network switches, firewwlls, external routers and so on.

    Ive no doubt that conencting to remote cloud db will be slower than say on a local server connected to your intranet using, say gigabit network connections
    before slinging cash at a solution Id want to know where the problem liurks, and try and identify the best fix for the costs invovled
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    Well, there are for sure multiple problems. There is for sure problems with network infrastructure
    where clinet applications are located (ADSL - 1-5 Max Mbps)...

    I tried Azure and Amazon cloud services (database is MSSQL), and i don't think they have any problems with speed...
    There is for sure problem with excessive database communication and transferring large amounts of data.
    And there is a problem that i can't afford now to change my application structure.

    I read on that RemoteSQL site about latency issues. Could this be my problem? Or is it just a convenient marketing play?

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