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    Microsoft Access 2013 issues

    I am having issues with this database that I have designed and maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I have a main table "tblRentalDetails" and a table ""tbllicenseDriver". In the main form "frmNAVIGATIONFORM" I want to have more than one license drive per specific car rental contract. I am getting errors 'You Cannot Add Or Change A Record Because A Related Record Is Required In Table...'. I have watched hours of You Tube videos and have spent hours on experimenting on this but am no closer to a simple solution. In fact I am further away that ever it seems. I just want to start with maintaining the data with a BookingNumber and then go from there. Can anyone take a look at my database and see what I might do to fix this. I have attached the database. Very much appreciated in advance.
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    If you are using sub forms, you can get this error if you enter data in the Master, but did not save, then try to add data to the child form.
    The master must save 1st, then add the child.

    Your referential integrity rules aren't set to add multiple same master key,but different child keys.

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