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    Unanswered: combo box values to be assigned percentage while reporting

    I have a combo box in which I have options "Highly satisfied", "Satisfied", "Not satisfied". What my company wants to do is see employee satisfaction after 10 meetings with the company. They want me to convert while reporting "Highly satisfied" to 100% satisfied to 75% and not satisfied to 50%. so the report should show. Meeting 1 employee 1 was 100% satisfied. meeting2 50% and meeting3 75% and then calculate average satisfaction of that employees in three meetings so average 100% +50%+75%. How can I do that. How can I assign % to the combo box values?

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    use a table as the underlying datasource for the combo box
    probably soethign like ratingcodes
    eg "HS" "Highly Satisfied", 100
    or even better define your code as the numeric (%'ge) value
    100, "Highly Satisfied"

    define a relationship between that table as 'parent' and the meetings table

    then when you come to do your reporting you can pull the value (or jut use the code, if you wan the text then do a joing on the two tables and pull in the the description
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