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    Unanswered: Sybase - trace query from external application

    Hi experts,
    I am new to Sybase. I have an external application which runs its queries on Sybase database.
    The application is taking too long to execute queries. If I try to run same query on database (using Db visualizer) it is much more quick.

    I want to trace the query to know where exactly it is taking so long to execute.
    I searched on internet and found options like set showplan on .. .but where do I run this command.
    I tried Dbvisualizer... but nothing happens.

    Also, if I have to use isql utility.. is it through command line?
    What is the default username and password for this?

    Appreciate any help to solve this issue. Thanks.

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    If you use Sybase ASE, the default admin user is "sa" without password. Change/add password for production environment.

    Try this:
    1. sp_who your_app_login_name --Displays info about server processes for your app login
    2. sp_showplan SPID, null, null, null --Displays plan of currently executing SQL statement
    3. dbcc traceon(3604)
    dbcc sqltext(SPID) --displays currently executing SQLText

    Hope this helps,

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