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    Unanswered: I'm having problems using Comboboxes as filters

    Hello everybody:

    Mi Name is Leo and I'm from Mexico, and eventough i'm a hard worker and have learned most of access by myself (which is not much) i can't figure it out how the comboboxes works, so i'm having a really bad time to make my database work.

    I want to use 1, 2, 3 or all the comboboxes as filters (it doesn't have any order, 1&6, 2&6&4, etc...), so the info can be viewed in the subform below but i can t make it work, it doesn't have to be chained one to another, but i'd like to reduce the data in the subform every time a combobox/filter is used, any thoughts?

    I have attached a clean database, because i got so confused that i was making it worse...

    This is the link to the database:

    Please help!

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    The combo can have 1 or more columns. If you use 1, it's easy.
    On the combo event AFTERUPDATE, you will turn on the grid filter.
    Me.filter = "[field]=" & me.cboType
    Me.filterOn = true

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    Hi again:

    First of all, THANK YOU !!!, you are being very nice to me (i appreciate it a lot) but i have to say I'm reaaaaaaaaally lost.

    I tried and failed, maybe because i didn't have a Control Source for the cbo and the sub-form, my program is in Spanish but i manage to have a screen capture which I show you, in order to be more explicit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Have a nice day

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