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    Unanswered: Load from cursor

    Hi There

    version db2 9.7.7

    I have table with 200 mil records with CLOB column and I want to use LOAD from cursor command, my question is does the LOAD FROM CURSOR command move CLOB data into new table ?

    you know that with using load from .IXF file we must introduce the LOB file to load command. so if I use LOAD FROM CURSOR does it need any option to move CLOB ?

    thank you in advance for your help.

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    easy to test : just try it out

    (0)[db2inst1@dlx00031 work]$ db2 "create table tlob1 (col1 int ,col2 clob) in userspace1"
    DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.
    (0)[db2inst1@dlx00031 work]$ db2 "declare c1 cursor for select * from tlob"
    DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.
    (0)[db2inst1@dlx00031 work]$ db2 load from c1 of cursor insert into tlob1 nonrecoverable
    SQL1193I The utility is beginning to load data from the SQL statement "
    select * from tlob".

    Number of rows read = 1
    Number of rows skipped = 0
    Number of rows loaded = 1
    Number of rows rejected = 0
    Number of rows deleted = 0
    Number of rows committed = 1
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    Quote Originally Posted by przytula_guy View Post
    easy to test
    It's so much easier to just wait for some nice guy in Belgium to test it for you...
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Thank you przytula_guy for your response

    Hi n_i

    I had quick test before I sent my question to Forum, but I wanted make sure LOAD FROM CURSOR will respect all format of CLOB as LOAD FROM .IXF file and with Przytula_guy's response I reached to that point. anyway .....thank you ALL

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