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    Unanswered: Question about SYSCAT.ATTRIBUTES

    Hi All,

    I have something I cannot explain and will be very pleased if anyone can give me the answer or maybe clues to investigate further.

    I checking structured data types defined including other structured data types and checking what appears in SYSCAT.ATTRIBUTES. The problem is that for those structured data types when one of the attributes is another structure data type I see 2 situations:

    - The name of the second data type appears directly in ATTR_TYPENAME (SYSCAT.ATTRIBUTES) or
    - ATTR_NAME is SYSCAT.ATTRIBUTES is "REFERENCE" and column TARGET_TYPENAME has the name of the 2nd datatype.

    Any idea why this happen ?, what is the difference ?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    according the doc : target_typename : Unqualified name of the target row type. Applies to reference types only; null value otherwise.
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