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    Unanswered: Deleting duplications in Microsoft Access 2007

    Hello everyone,

    I'm relatively new to MS Access and i am already half way through solving my problem but i don't quiete know how to finish it off ! Basically there are thousands of duplications which i found due to the query wizard. So now i have a Query full of duplications which i have copied and put in a table.

    So what do i do now ? How do i get rid off the duplicates and keep my original records ?

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    Is it possible to do this:
    make a query that uses UNIQUE no duplicates and write the list to a new table.

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    are these actual duplicates in the table or a result of the query, becuase f the join you've used.
    if its a problem in the data, then you need to work out urgently how or why those errors arose and develop a strategy to design it out (usually that means careful choice of primary keys. Too often people using MS Access rely on the default primary key, an autonumber column), often it isn't the best or even 'correct' solution. at worst using an autonumber column instead of what could be a so called 'natural' PK candidate(natural as its an attribute of the data itself, not an artificial construct.
    ferinstance say you have two tables (orders and order details)
    the PK of orders should be the order number, not an autonumber column (unless you take other steps.)
    the PK of the orderdetail column shoudl be a composite of the order n umber and (either a product number or item number), so you cannot order the same product twice in the same order or you cannot have the same detail/item number twice int he same order detail. using an autonumber column here means you would have to do extra work (or defien a unique index on those composite columns) making an autonumber column irrelevant, and not just dangerous.

    if its a query problem then examine the join and if you can refine it to do what you want
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