Hi All

I have a database which is currently running in Postgresql 8.3 and I am wishing to upgrade it to the latest Postgresql version ~9.3

I have read that "
Upgrading from PostgreSQL 8.3 has additional restrictions not present when upgrading from later PostgreSQL releases. For example, pg_upgrade will not work for upgrading from 8.3 if a user column is defined as:

a tsquery data type

data type name and is not the first column

You must drop any such columns and upgrade them manually.

pg_upgrade will not work if the ltree contrib module is installed in a database.

pg_upgrade will require a table rebuild if:

a user column is of data type tsvector

pg_upgrade will require a reindex if:

an index is of type hash or GIN

an index uses bpchar_pattern_ops

Also, the default datetime storage format changed to integer after PostgreSQL 8.3. pg_upgrade will check that the datetime storage format used by the old and new clusters match. Make sure your new cluster is built with the configure flag --disable-integer-datetimes."

Can I do the pg_restore directly to a postgresql 9.3 as the above description says pg_upgrade fails to upgrade from 8.3 in certain situations..

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Rijo Roy