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    Unanswered: Best tools to track products/competition/demand, etc.

    Hi everyone!

    We're an e-commerce company and are looking to build software that will track demand for thousands of products that our manufacturers can supply, their market price, reviews, competition, all across multiple channels.

    We need to set up a database and front-end that can later be scaled into this software.

    What's the best system to use? I'm leaning towards mysql hosted with rackspace or Google, and phpmyadmin frontend.

    Ultimately, the goal is to be able to quierie this data and analyse sales potential in a given marketplace, display graphs and charts of price movements. Also, in the future (but not now), we will be building in functionality to call on different APIs and make updates to the database.

    Thanks a lot everyone!

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    best system is:_
    the one that is available to you,
    at a cost you are prepared to pay
    provides the facilities and capablities you need
    is one that either you know already, are prepared to learn, and or have adequate support to resolve any technical issues
    meets your user requirements....
    what is 'right' for one perosn/organisation isn't neccesarily 'right' for another organsiation

    selecting, then sizing the correct db server is fraught with so many issues.

    as a truism, virtually any db storage mechanism can support waht you have described so far, ranging from mainframes (do they still exists ),some humungous server farm down to the humble Pi or simialr credit card sized devices. there is not enough detail, not enough practical information to make any sggestion.
    there is a mix of service provider with server.

    MySQL will porbably be perfectly good enough, whether you decide to run that on a Pi, an ISP or you own dedicated hardware is your call.
    I doubt howver phpMyAdmin will do the data capture, graphing and so on... phpMyAdmin is great for as its name suggest MySQL admin, but not a lot else....
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