Hello, I'm looking for a good framework for managing several interrelated archaeological databases (projects, sites, photos, artefacts, etc.) that all have links between them and links to other databases. I'm looking for a framework that offers a simple GUI that allows non-experts to enter data. It appears like CMS frameworks like OpenCMS could be a good prion but most CMS reviews focus heavily on web site design and while that's an important feature, the key part is the effective management of data in a way that doesn't necessarily lead to publishing it on web sites. To me tools like Navicat and pgAdmin are made for admins and for database design, not for data entry really. I'm finding it difficult to locate good web-based options for that.

Is it most common for database administrators to just design their own front ends using php, ruby, js, etc? If so, could someone point me in the right direction for getting started on something like that?