Hi all!

Just starting an actual serious database app (see post in database design if you're feeling masochistic) so I signed up here.

I'm an old fart that's been "programming" since my first Apple ][+ in 1979 but never really seriously. Basics of a dozen flavours, a dalliance with C (hate freakin' pointers) and C++ that ended badly, and now C# which I quite enjoy.

I started playing with databases about 15 years ago but again, nothing really serious. Did a couple small web apps with PHP and Postgres for myself but it more for the fun of learning than any real work.

I did play around a lot with MySQL and a bit with SQLCE and SQLite but my current project requires a multiuser DB that our IT department is happy with so I'm working with MSSQLSEE (There has to be an abbreviation for that abbreviation).

Other than being an amateur programmer I'm also an amateur woodworker, astronomer, electronics designer, CNC operator (to make circuit boards), reluctant amateur gardener (its the wife, not me), and a power engineer by trade (sounds fancy but it just means I operate, maintain, and repair machinery). I'm also a swimming pool operator trainer. I think there's a few more things but like I said "Old Fart" which means things slip my mind at times 8)

Hope to be talking to lots of you about different things over time.