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    Unanswered: Pervasive SQL closed dataset error

    Hi everyone been awhile since Ive been here
    I have an issue with a database called Paradigm It runs on PERVASIVE SQL 7 and every time I install it (I use the step by step instructions the techs gave me) I get this "closed dataset error", eventually we are going to move to a better database but until then this is what we got. Can anyone advise on how to deal with this issue, I attached the error messages as a jpg
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    Wow, that is an old version of Pervasive. The error you are seeing (204) is a missing table error.
    The application is trying to open a table called "DataPath" but the file / table can't be found. It's looking for an actual file called "\\CIMNET_DEV\SYS2\CSI\BTRV\DATAPATH.BTR".
    As part of the install, does it ask for a location of the files? Does the data file (DATAPATH.BTR) actually exist? Do you have updated DDF files (FILE.DDF, FIELD.DDF, INDEX.DDF) that might be newer than the ones on the original install?
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