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    Unanswered: How to remove #deleted record in Access table

    I am not a programmer. I have read the threads already on this topic.I have created an access database that tracks a small group of patients for a pilot program. I have split it into front end and back end and several users have a local copy of the front end from which to enter data. The backend is stored on a remote server. I was suddenly unable to run a query off a table and found that one of the records showed #deleted. I attempted to delete it from the table by manually deleting the record, compacting and restarting the db and nothing is enabling the removal of the offending record. I am unable to run any queries since this record prevents the process. Please, in simple terms, can you tell me how I can restore this one table so that I am able to query data from it. Thank you so much.

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    It is already deleted...the table just happened to be on the record when it vanished.
    Refresh the screen and the #deleted will vanish.

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    Use a VBA Sub or Function in the module of the form displaying #Deleted:
    Private Sub RefreshData()
    End Sub
    It cal be called from a command button or, if it's really needed, from a Timer Event.
    Have a nice day!

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    ...but why would that #' I am unable to run any queries since this record prevents the process.'.....
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