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    Unanswered: PG Archive Streaming

    Hello Everyone,

    Need some helps regarding archive replication in PostgreSql.I am not very old in PG...days back i have configured a replication setup via archive streaming for our Production Database. Earlier to this the setup was already configured as 'hot_standby' replication and replication was happening by /xlogs.

    Now after changing it to archive streaming mode , I am doubt full about archive and xlog files behaviours in respective locations.As as far as my understanding goes, archive files generation depends on switching of logfiles. Althou there are average transaction load on the database but xlog switching is not happening as expected(OR more ever it may be getting overwriting). Only 3-4 files per day,AND same is for archive files now.

    Along with this,the wal_keep_segments and max_wal_senders parameters are set to '500' and '3' respectively.



    Are these parameter settings are related with 'Archive' and 'xlog' files behaviours ?

    Kindly suggest something what may be the cause for this ?

    Thanks in advance..
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