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    Unanswered: SQL Server MS suddenly very slow to restore files and file groups

    Hi I have a number of databases of <2Gb in size. I have always been able to restore them in a few seconds by using the Restore Files and File Groups Command, then specifying a database name.

    Suddenly this no longer works. The restore process is taking 20-25mins and and the result is the database is inaccesible

    This is a very worrying state of affairs, as we may need to restored a dozen databases very quickly. Any suggestions how I can solve this?

    Using SQL 2012 web edition

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    The most common cause of this change in behavior is when the Windows Service Account used to run the SQL Server Service is changed, especially if that change is done via Operating System calls instead of via the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    Have you changed the Windows Login used to run the SQL Service Account?

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