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    Unanswered: Updating Fields on one table from a combo on another Subform

    Hi Evereyone,

    I am working with two Forms from Tables [ProspectUpdate] and [ProspectResult] - [ProspectResult] is a subform on [ProspectUpdate].
    The Field on Form [ProspectUpdate] is called [Status] and the Combo box on Form [ProspectResult] is called [cmb_CallResult].

    Question: How do I cause a text box value to update on [ProspectUpdate] from a combo selection made on [ProspectResult]![Cmb_CallResult]
    Each time the combo on [ProspectResult] changes, the text box on ProspectUpdate should reflect the value in cmb_CallResult on Form [ProspectResult].

    I am assuming to use the after update event on [ProspectResult]![Status] but I cant get the code to work. Using the Default Value setting on property sheet on the [ProspectUpdate]! [Status] field works once but the field does not update this way when the combo changes on the subform.

    Many thanks for all your help.

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    Run an append query (or update) to the table the combo reads.
    Refresh the combo. CboBox.requery

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