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    Unanswered: What are the real risks of using commit_logging

    What are the risks of using commit_logging=batch in a critical application? The problem is that addm is reporting:

    Waits on event "log file sync" while performing COMMIT and ROLLBACK operations were consuming significant database time.
    and the application can't be modified in order to reduce the number of commits.


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    >What are the risks of using commit_logging=batch in a critical application

    post SQL & results that show what is actually gained by doing so.
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    How many log files do you have? You shouldn't have to wait on a log file.
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    • Setting commit_logging is set to batch, Oracle writes redo data in batches. This causes less traffic, but indices risk because an instance crash may cause loss of data that is being batched inside the log buffer.
    Good ol' Burleson knows his stuff:

    Basically, by setting logging to batch, you are taking a risk that any sort of failure (disk, power failure, etc.) could put your db in a situation where you can't recover.

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