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    Unanswered: I'm curious to know what kind of business you do with BDB.


    Just curious about what your do with bdb. Is it for Financial or management of your own business or is it to custom build for Customer ?

    I own a HVAC business in Canada, and i was tired to write all my work order by hand and using useless ms excel sheet... I tried some Service management software but never satisfied with lossless Tools. So i'm searching and searching on a solution until i discover BDB. I don't have any skill at all in Scripting but in the past i used a little bit visual basic and make some script with irc software. But now i'm using bdb it's another story i can custom my own design software with all necessery tool or so.

    Now i can manage my business in all way. that's is really priceless.

    And how do you ?


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    I will take a 'jab' at this. I have redirected by attention to other areas but I can respond regarding my latest project. I used this to track and monitor doctors' activities during their residency training. My wife is a Family Medicine resident and will be completing her training in 60 days!!! Here, in the United States, the ASGME specifies certain criterion that each resident must complete during their three-year Family Medicine residency program. Previously, there was no way of tracking all of these requirements. I, along with the EXTREMELY patient and helpful members of James Tubbritt and MacHeus, were able to get a fully functioning program that, among other things, reports each individual resident physician's status. It is actually a pretty incredible program that does some amazing things - the auditing board was rather impressed when I demonstrated this program during the audit of 2014. Unfortunately, due to political reasons, I became very frustrated at this project at the residency director (who has just resigned/terminated?) and new new director is extremely interested.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful help that James and MacHeus offered so graciously at my seemingly unending questions. A second project of mine (that actually preceded the physician project) tracked all training activities for an organization. Just like the physician project, James and MacHeus were INSTRUMENTAL in assisting me in getting that project completed. All training, whether completed or missing was easily portrayed for each member of the organization.

    I used EXCEL previously (programming with Visual Basic for Applications) and found Brilliant Database to be much, much better suited for this... though I did have a rather rough learning curve. The helpful folks here at the dbforums certainly made that a lot more palatable.
    Daryl G

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    That's right! i'm not sur if bdb can survive without this forum and all who contribute to this forum. It's a very nice community!!

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    Thanks for the kind words. Always happy to help anyway I can.

    I'm self-employed, so for me Brilliant Database is only a small part of my business simply because the work is too unpredictable. I can't look for my next job while I'm stuck in some factory working on a job. It's a struggle to be honest to keep going.

    Anyway... from a brilliant database point of view, I use it to manage systems and controls in factories. For example, a factory that makes baby food need to do hundreds of checks on the products during an 8 hour shift. In a situation like that I have a large database that makes Quality Control staff go off and do all manner of tests and checks. All of which is recorded in the database and a cert of conformance is generated at the end of each production run.

    Invoicing, Stock Control, Purchase Orders, Customer Complains, Scheduling Materials, Recipe Systems, and so on.... anything you think a manufacturing company may need, chances are I've written it.

    Brilliant Database is a mighty powerful tool once you get your head around how it works. I only wish that it was a main stream tool and super popular in order to motivate it's developers to get their ass in gear. The program has such massive potential, but the future is so bleak as far as support and development goes.


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