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    Unanswered: Saving incoming data to a Table in a Form in Access.

    I have a Form "BKTForm" in an Access db connected to a Table/Query.
    When the form opens, it contains values in 2 controls, already registered in the Table/Query.

    It is 2 more (fields) controls in the Form ready for registration.

    "IssuerID" is a List in the Form connected to a Table/Query field as Value list.

    The second (fields) control is a Text box "IsID" where the value from
    "IssuerID" will be stored later in the proses using Me.IsID = Me.IssuerID.
    This is working OK, if I am able to save the "IssuerID".

    "IssuerID" is getting the value from a bank terminal, sending a number to "IssuerID."

    The only way I have been able to save the number, sent from the bank terminal in the
    Table/Query field "IssuerID", is by clicking on the field with the cursor with left mouse button.

    Is it possible to do that using VBA code instead?

    Can somebody please help?

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    if you move off the row, or close the form the default behaviour of an Access form s to save the record
    so if you seek to add a new row, or use one of the form navigation buttons the data will be saved.

    if you wanted to you could add a command button that saves a row (the button wizard will do the work for you)
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