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    What kind of solution do you suggest for accounting, stats, planning and more!

    I am new here and would like to have some help. Have some basic knowledge in different programming languages and software but i learn anyting if i want and need to.
    I am wondering what kind of solution to get my problem solved:
    Linux or Windows for me its not necessary to be a specific OS, just want a good solution!
    Excel, Kingsoft, Access or MySQL , Django or another or whatever for me its the same!
    I mean i just give you my current experience but i am open minded!

    I manage a greenhouse which can have in some short periods of time almost 100 employees at same time and need to develop some software to solve my planning/accounting and employees productivity during entire year.
    Each employee/task could have a lot of different variables i would like to have (something like more than 20/40 different items at least.
    I need to get some mix of excel type/database/web front end platform cause i have several parts of the problem to manage, i mean i need to get in some way a manner to treat my info to analyse it and make my decisions on it.

    I explain:
    - manage employees/tasks statistics (like managing daily planning/schedules, tasks detailed info, timestamps, salaries, productivity and all kind ofstuff i may need to analyse)
    these kind of info i have already tried using Excel sheets but somehow Excel is not enough and has several issues i cannot solve very well because i would need to have a big database where i want to put dozens of variables and treat them in some manner, like charts, filters , statistics and i want something that i can upgrade/update without overloading (i mean Excel sheets will start to grow in size and starts to be very difficult to manage such info)
    I plan on using something like barcode scanners or other similar equipment to control/achieve info during workday (like using a barcode to make a timestamp; manage tasks times and so on)
    - web front end platform to manage all my info, which i would like to have acess outside my company (i mean putting these info online), i will explain better what is the main idea:
    for example employees tasks (like detailed info about them) would be inserted in real time during workday so we can have at the end of the day all these info already inserted in our database.
    Another thing, during the year we have harvesting for which i need to have a web platform which can be accessed in real time to analyse employees productivity during harvesting time, like picking statistics if you understand what i mean.
    These statistics are very important for our business to understand how things are going on and take decisions in real time.
    These web platform could be accessed/used in real time with tablet that will upload that statistics to a server, then i would like to use/connect/treat these info in some manner using filters, charts, etc. (dont know if i can export these to excel or directly treat it on server for example).
    In conclusion, i would like to know how to develop an application/workbook/database whatever (i mean i can mix different kind of solutions if needed) that needs to be big/reliable/upgradeable and a great tool for my needs!

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    Any idea?

    any idea guys where can i start?
    Is this so complex?

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