Devart announces the release of new product line - Excel Add-ins for Microsoft Excel that allow to connect Excel to cloud and database data, edit this data, and save it back to the data source. The add-ins provide Excel capabilities for processing and analysis of data from cloud applications and relational databases, editing external data as usual excel spreadsheets and saving data changes back to the data source.

Supported Data Sources in version 1.0:
* Databases - Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2
* CRMs - Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ZohoCRM, SugarCRM

Powerful Data Import
Devart Excel Add-ins offer visual query builder which allows to select the tables and columns to import, configure data filters and the maximal number of records for the loading. Another option is using of SQL, which is supported not only for databases, but for cloud applications too.

Instant Data Refresh
Devart Excel Add-ins allows to quickly update external data in worksheets to the current state of the data source. Refresh these data in a single button click, and always work with actual data.

Easy Data Modification
Cloud and database data is available for editing just like any usual Excel spreadsheet and can be easily saved back to the data source.


Add-ins for all supported data sources are installed with a single installation package and have a 30-day trial period for evaluation. The Devart Excel Add-ins license prices start from 99.95$. The separate license should be acquired for each add-in.

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