Greeting's, pardon me if this isn't the correct forum to post this.

Hi, I have a question involving restoration (importing and merging of database 2 having same structure and one having different structure).

Here is the scenario.

Our department is using a software which underwent an overhaul. There is a database which has structure of the old build of the software. Before implementing the new build we tested the software on vendor's server (over VPN) for 2 weeks. This is the second database, currently located on his testing server having new data structure. Vendor is now installing the software on our local server. Our mission requirement requires 24x7x365 operations. Hence there will be a new local database created from the time he starts installing the new build remotely and brings a backup from his testing server.

Vendor is not agreeing to merge all the databases (1 local new, 1 remote new and 1 local old) all into one single database. He say's its technically impossible.

While I have no working knowledge of databases (I'm an information security architect). I am sure that the vendor is bluffing. Two databases of same structure can be merged. While I'm hoping for an online (while working) merging of databases, I am ready to take the database offline for merging them, if it's not technically possible.

About the old database, having different structure; I am sure that an import mechanism can be created (or may be already available).

Please pardon me for the confusion, I've tried my best to explain.

I would like to know what are the possibilities and how to go best about this.

We are running the software on an Ubuntu 12.04 PC edition. With MySQL as backend and apache as frontend. Data is being captured from internet using API's and being fed to server using Python.