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    Unanswered: best way to implement security in Oracle database

    Hi all. I want to know the best way to secure our database if any unauthorized/readonly admin one got the password of the other admin.
    1.By implementing two way authentication.
    2.By create separate database for each admin
    3.If any other then please suggest.

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    >1.By implementing two way authentication.
    how do you do above with Oracle database?
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    If the other admin gets the password of the first admin take two actions.
    1) fire the other admin for hacking
    2) first the first admin for stupidly
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    How will having two separate databases stop the admins from signing in to both of them if they know the passwords?
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    I'll suggest option 3.

    I think Oracle Auditing is your friend here. We have successfully caught an employee using the sys account via an Oracle hack by using the auditing features in conjunction with other tools.

    We enabled auditing on the logon/off and then used a cron job that ran every few seconds to email the security admin when a record was found. We could not prevent users from using the DB, but we could get notified when someone did something that was way out of line.

    I think you can do the same by reviewing the IP address of the access, or the client username (as apposed to the Oracle one).

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