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    Exclamation Unanswered: Queries failing sometimes with SQL0433N on db2 10.5 and running on db2 9.5

    Dear All,
    We have two setups one is on db2 9.5 and one is on db2 10.5.
    There is one insert queries having union of sub selects is failing some times in 10.5 with an error SQL0433N (values too long) and the same is running successfully in db2 9.5.

    SETUP DB2 9.5 fp 4
    OS : AIX 6.1

    SETUP DB2 10.5 fp2
    OS : AIX 6.1

    Has someone else faced/resolved this issue earlier or can give an hint of the problem.


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    if you would be more specific and provide some more data/facts, someone could give you some hints/ideas ..
    what is going on ? what are you doing exactly ? what is the complete message ? what has been recorded in diag ???
    this is a typical entry : I have a problem - please resolve ? yes, provide me userid/pw of instance owner and I will logon and have a look and ship you the invoice later..
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Do you have exactly the same DDL and data being inserted into this table in both databases?
    Do you have the same database codepage in both databases?

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