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    Unanswered: Need help with a conditional formula to highlight cells based on text in another cell

    Hello Excel Experts,

    I have text in Column B and number values in Column C. I would like the font in Column C to turn Red if the value (Column C) is > than 100.


    Column B:
    Plan 1
    Plan 2
    Plan 3

    Column C:

    So, I would like to create a conditional formula to look at Column B and turn the font Red in Column C if the value is greater than 100. So, in Column C, 200 and 150 will turn Red because their values are greater than 100.

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    Not sure why you are looking in Column B?

    You will use a formula. Select C1, click on conditional formating, then "use a formula to determine which cells to format"

    formula =C1>100
    click on format, font, then use the pull down menu for color and select the color you want.

    Then under applies to (=$C$1:$C$(number of last row)

    Hope this helps.

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