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    Answered: how to register(configure) new oracle software to existing oracle databse


    i have install windows server 2003 in c:drive and oracle database in D: drive
    unfortunately my operating system crashed and i re-install the operating system.
    i have no backup for the existing database is there any solution to re-install
    oracle software and configure to get up the existing previous database.

    please help!

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    Posted by anacedent

    "run "oradim" utility"

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    Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so you're pretty much on your own in terms of support.

    Depending on the details of what you've already done, it may or may not be possible to get a new install of Oracle to use the data files from before you re-installed the operating system.

    If you have backups of your databases, I would use them instead of trying to recover the data. If you do not have backups, then I would engage a profesional because they'll have a much better chance of noticing details and recovering the data than what you will have working with advice from the Internet.

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    my datailes,control-files and redo-log files are safe


    my datailes,control-files and redo-log files are safe .

    if i re-install the oracle software product then what is the configuration process to start-up the database
    means ho to register file with oracle software and oracle services with operating system.

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    run "oradim" utility
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