Hi everyone

Again I apologise if this isn't the right place to place my query but I was wondering if anyone could help...

I am looking for a PostgreSQL DBA for a short-term contract in Hampshire (potential to extend), they do require you to be on site full-time, daily rate isn't an issue with this particular role

Also, any experience of JBOSS would be really helpful too

To give you an idea of how urgent this role is, they had a contractor doing the role who has now left for a new contract offering more money so they are completely stuck and have a gap in their programme, they did offer the position to my candidate but he didn't accept due to being offered something closer to home so now they are really panicking because they can't find anyone to do the role

It's a fantastic client and from what I've been told about the programme it looks like a lot of work which could potentially run for a role long

If anyone is interested please send your CV to c.hynes @ parity.net, if not any help or advice would be much appreciated. Are there any other forums you guys connect on at all?

Thanks in advance,

Claire Hynes
44 (0)208 171 1714