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    Unanswered: "Microsoft does not recognize as valid field or expression".

    I am using this big crosstab query and trying to build a report based on it but when I run the report it gives me error "Microsoft does not recognize as valid field or expression". I have stated in the crosstab query the parameters of start date and end date. Query works absolutely fine. Its only the report which gives me this error. One thing which I noticed while making another crosstab is that when some of the fields doesn't have value report gives me this error.

    PARAMETERS [Forms]![frmSummaryofOpenIssue]![startDate] DateTime, [Forms]![frmSummaryofOpenIssue]![ENDDate] DateTime;
     TRANSFORM Count([Ucondition].TagID) AS CountOfTagID
     SELECT ManagerReport.Center, ManagerReport.Department, ManagerReport.ClosedIssuesByCenter.[CountOFAudit], ManagerReport.OpenIssueByCenter.[CountOfAudit], ManagerReport.CountOfHighPriority, ManagerReport.CountOfMediumPriority, ManagerReport.CountOfLowPriority
     FROM ManagerReport INNER JOIN [UCondition] ON (ManagerReport.Center = [UCondition].Center) AND (ManagerReport.Department = [UCondition].Department)
     WHERE ((([UCondition].Date) Between [Forms]![frmSummaryofOpenIssue]![startDate] And [Forms]![frmSummaryofOpenIssue]![EndDate]))
     GROUP BY ManagerReport.Center, ManagerReport.Department, ManagerReport.ClosedIssuesByCenter.[CountOfAudit], ManagerReport.OpenIssueByCenter.[CountOfAudit], ManagerReport.CountOfHighPriority, ManagerReport.CountOfMediumPriority, ManagerReport.CountOfLowPriority
     PIVOT IIf(DateDiff("d",[TargetDate],Date())<0,"On Target",IIf(DateDiff("d",[TargetDate],Date())<8,"7 Days Past Due",IIf(DateDiff("d",[TargetDate],Date())<22,"21 Days Past Due",IIf(DateDiff("d",[TargetDate],Date())>30,"30+ Days Past Due","On Target"))));

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    I think its the PIVOT and the IIF() 's

    why not create a Query that add the "On Target" , "7 Days Past Due" , "21 Days Past Due" to a new feild in a query

    then do the TRANSFORM on that new query using PIVOT [newfeildinquery]
    hope this help

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    Or instead of using iif
    either do that formatting in the query consumer, ie the report or form that is using this
    or join to another table and pull the text value from there.

    ...temprementally id be minded yo use a table, especially if there is more than one data consumer for this query. I also prefer allowing users the option to rejig things like this as they see fit with no further developer intervention required.
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