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    Unanswered: PowerPivot and DBF files linking?

    I recently had PowerPivot installed but have not used it much. Additionally, I'm losing Access 2003 and my ability to query DBF files exported from our system. Is there any way to link these databases into PowerPivot to query them? I tried opening the files in Excel to save them as a different format that I could then query in newer versions of Access (DBF not supported in later versions) but Excel had some trouble reading some fields so I thought I'd see what PowerPivot can do.


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    You have to connect them through connection manager.

    Data tab in Excel connect to the database file using MS Query or OLE DB.

    This will bring the data in and then you can manipulate. In the power pivot tab you should have a data connection feature. I think the power pivot tab you can go from database and select the dBase file. This will recognize the full database and then you can pull in the tables you want for your query.

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