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    Unanswered: Removing db2tschg.his file

    Running DB2 V9.7 Enterprise Edition on Windows. db2tschg.his file is 6 GB in size and I would like to remove it.

    I have read that it can be deleted and a new file will be generated (much like renaming the DB2Diag.log)

    here is the article:

    Can this file just be renamed and moved on the fly with the instance running???

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    Why not use the 'prune history ... and delete logfile prior to .....' to delete old entries from this file - it needs to be maintained by regular pruning.

    Do not use rename/delete of this file if you can easily avoid it.

    Choose a log file name that you know you will never need to rollforward from.
    Remember that this file will be in backup-images so will get replaced on restore-database actions.

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    It's better to use PRUNE HISTORY command for that.
    I'd recommend to use it first...

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