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    Unanswered: SQL to retrieve the latest record

    I'm trying to write a query to achieve the following result for the sample data below. Any help is much appreciated.Please ignore all the ** with the data, i was just trying to align the data below the column name.


    ID-column1*** FK-column2** Date-column3
    DD1000000*** D4Q0000**** null


    Id-column1** Num-column2**** Cd-Column3
    D4Q00000*** 0000********** AA1
    D4Q11111*** 1111********** AA2
    D4Q22222*** 2222********** AA3

    Expected Result Set /* Record with Max value in Num need to be retrieved.

    ID-column1* Fk-column2** Num-Column3*** Cd-column4
    DD1000000* D4Q22222****** 2222******** AA3
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    You have to use a sub-query. Show us what you have now and we can guide you.
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    how do you 'know' what is the latest record?
    how do you associate table a to table b
    I can understand why you might want to mask/hide your table and column names but it doesn't help when asking for help if you have a column of the same name in two tables, yet the relations hip betweent he two tables is, seemingly, on another column in table a
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