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    Question Officially Working w/ Databases

    Today marks my 1st day as a 'Database Associate' in which I will be working with / under our sole MS SQL DBA. I have 90 days from today to meet the following:

    - Study / take / pass the Microsoft MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals certification (which work will pay for).

    I sat and suffered through the Microsoft Virtual Training Academy which directly covers the 98-364 exam but it's like watching a really bad soap opera skit. Regardless I pulled the info from it and tried to focus on the data and not the bad video / marketing.

    I have very low RDBMS skill sets and really love databases. I'm a tenured (10yr) Linux Sys Admin w/ passion for PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and MS SQL. I'm not good w/ SQL and would say I can do basic DDL statements to create my database / schema and very basic DML statement knowledge. I'd say my DML knowledge drops around advanced SQL queries like JOINS, Stored Procedures, Indexed Views, etc etc etc.

    So that's me in a nutshell. How worried should I be about getting this certification? I know that eventually over time I will cut my teeth and get a nice DBA tool belt of skills but for now I'm being given a very very generous opportunity to be a passionate DBA. Just looking for reassurance this entry level certification is easy enough w/ database and SQL skills and anything else you suggest I can read / study up on.

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    Pretty much everything you learn to do with the GUI (SQL Server Management Studio) can be scripted out... look for the button in the dialogue window next time you tinker with something!
    Armed with the script, give it a read and see if it is clear or not.

    The manual - Books Online (BOL) - is a fantastic resource. I suggest you try and get it installed locally, if not make sure it is top of your bookmarks... okay, maybe second after dbforums

    If you have questions, post them here. Lots of great SQL Server regulars on here to help out!
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