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    Assignment help- very basic

    Hi everyone,
    I am Ammara and I have an Economics background and then I suddenly thought that I should know more about computers so recently i took "Management information systems" course and to be honest i am struggling; specifically with database management system.
    I have this assignment which is confusing me, my purpose of writing here is not to get solution but explanation and hints on which i can do it myself... i will be really obliged if someone here will clear my concepts (if i have any at this point :P )
    here is the assignment

    Case Study:

    A garment brand “Orchid Textile” is using a Retail Management System for management of Sales. It is currently dealing in readymade garments. Mentioned software has following features:
    •It will save Product Information like Product Code, Price, Specification related attributes including garment picture. Sales Manager will be able to Save, Delete, Edit and Search Products.
    •It will record every transaction details like Trans id, Date, Time and other details.
    •Billing invoice will be created against each Transaction. Invoice will have Date, No. of Items, Time, Total Price etc. Sales manager will be able to print invoice
    •Admin of Orchid Textile is able to view different reports of Sales like Daily report, monthly report and yearly report. They are also able to view “Top Ten Items Sold “in specific duration.
    •Sales Manager is also able to view Stock details to manage items according to customer demand. Moreover, customer data will also be saved to inform them about future promotions.

    a) Meta Data
    b) Draw Detailed Data Flow Diagram

    So meta data i guess is

    Product code
    Record of every Transaction(like Trans id, time and other details)
    Stock details
    Customer Data

    Now as far as making detailed dfd is concerned i am confused how to differentiate entities from process...
    i mean if sales manager, admin, customer are entities, what are product and transaction ?

    Please someone explain this to me...
    Thank you

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    Entities are nouns, usually plural. An example would be sales orders.

    Processes are verbs. Examples would be adding a new product to the catalog, or selling a product to a customer.

    Meta data is data about your data Meta data comes in many varieties (the term is used differently in different contexts), but I'll assume that for this course it means the schema.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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