We've an application that uses .Net Entity framework (4.5.1) and PostgreSQL (9.4.1), I need to track SQL transactions in the DB for auditing purpose, however even though I think I've turned on everything possible for logging in postgres, I'm not seeing the actual values in the SQL statements, all I'm seeing is just the parameter markers like the following:
AUDIT_RECORD_START,2015-05-14 08:36:34.481 UTC,,postgres,test,828,[unknown],4/167,00000,LOG: execute PRSTMT144390157037054937: INSERT INTO "Clients"("Name", "Description", "UserName", "Code", "Status", "CreateEventId", "UpdateEventId")

VALUES ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7)

Does anyone know if this is a configuration issue or this is simply because
of the way that data are being handled by the Entity Framework? Is there any other way to print the values of the parameter markers with the underlying query/statement?

Following is the postgres.conf snippet for the "logging parameters":
log_destination = 'stderr'
# This is used when logging to stderr:
logging_collector = on
# These are only used if logging_collector is on:
log_directory = 'pg_log'
log_filename = 'postgresql-%Y-%m-%d.log'

#log_file_mode = 0600
#log_truncate_on_rotation = off
log_rotation_age = 1d

#log_rotation_size = 10MB
# These are relevant when logging to syslog:
#syslog_facility = 'LOCAL0'
#syslog_ident = 'postgres'
# This is only relevant when logging to eventlog (win32):
#event_source = 'PostgreSQL'

# - When to Log -

#client_min_messages = notice
#log_min_messages = warning
#log_min_error_statement = error
#log_min_duration_statement = -1

# - What to Log -

debug_print_parse = on
debug_print_rewritten = on
debug_print_plan = on
debug_pretty_print = on
log_checkpoints = off
log_connections = on
log_disconnections = on
log_duration = off
log_error_verbosity = terse
#log_hostname = off
log_line_prefix = 'AUDIT_RECORD_START,%m,%r,%u,%d,%p,%a,%v,%e,'

#log_lock_waits = off
log_statement = 'all'
#log_temp_files = -1
log_timezone = 'UTC'