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    Unanswered: Problem with Select Statement

    Hello Everybody,

    Would you please help me writing the select statement with respect to the following scenario:

    Table Name: EGTVSCR



    The above table contains subscriptions for a particular service. Whenever a new subscription is issued, a new record is added to the above table with RECSTA = 'E'. If a user already has a previous subscription, all his RECSTA will become 'R' and the newly added record with RECSTA = 'E'. My goal is to fetch all the UserIDs that are getting expired between two dates say @Date1 and @Date2.

    I need to select all the UserIDs with any RECSTA value where EXPIRY_DATE is between @Date1 and @Date2 AND the user should not have any record with (EXPIRY_DATE > @Date2 and RECSTA = 'E') because this condition means a user did not renew his subscription so he should appear as expiring user.


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    have you already some sql - if so : please publish and some sample data...
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