Private Sub cmd_lagre_Click()

So, i got the msg box and everything to work out fine, but the set focus wont work. It probably is kinda easy, and misplaced, but my mind just wont work with me on this one.

The first msg box is affected by a chiose in the sub_form, and the second on a choise in the main form. I would like to set focus, depending on which msg appears =)

Dim Feilstreng As String

On Error GoTo MyErr

If Me.sub_form.Form.Rek And IsNull(Me.sub_form.Form.RekNr.Value) Then

Feilstreng = Feilstreng + "msg msg msg" + vbNewLine


End If

If Len(Me.comb_rom.Value & " ") < 2 Then

Feilstreng = Feilstreng + "- Du har glemt fylle ut rom" + vbNewLine