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    Unanswered: Scheduled Automation

    I have a report that management wants automatically e-mailed to them two times per day.

    I configured a database to open to a form that runs code on open to email the report. The vba works perfectly.

    I created a task in Task Scheduler, selected to run even when I'm not logged on. Everything works when I am logged on, but when I'm not logged on, it opens my database but does not run the vba. I log in and see that the task completed, I have the "lock file" indicating that my database is open, but when I look in task manager it's using 0% CPU, just not doing anything.

    Here are the methods I've tried:
    1. .bat file
    cmd.exe /c "PATH TO MY DATABASE FILE"
    2. .vbs file
    Dim sAcc
    Dim sFrontEnd
    Dim sSec
    Dim sUser
    Dim objShellDb
    Dim sComTxt
    sAcc = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE15\msaccess.exe"
    Set objShellDb = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    'Build the command to launch the database
    sComTxt = chr(34) & sAcc & chr(34) &_
    	" " & chr(34) & sFrontEnd & chr(34) 
    if isNull(sSec)=False AND sSec<>"" Then
    	sComTxt = sComTxt & " /wrkgrp " & chr(34) & sSec & chr(34)
    End if
    if isNull(sUser)=False AND sUser<>"" Then
    	sComTxt = sComTxt & " /user " & sUser
    End if
    objShellDb.Run sComTxt 'Launch the database
    3. I have tried running msaccess.exe from task scheduler with the path to my database in arguments.

    All methods return the same result. How do I get my vba to run through Task Scheduler when no users are logged in?

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    not to sure why you'd need to use VBS for this...
    I'd just open up a copy of Access with and run a specified query or macro, using one of the command line options (switches) that identifies the query or macro to run
    Or have a cut down front end containing just the stuff needed for the batch processing and run that as an autoexec macro.
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    This did not work either, got the same result when logged off.

    We have decided to just run a VM that is always on and auto logs on, this way the user is never not logged on and the scheduled task will run access as it should.

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    Chris nice move, I set up some timers at my last job on a VM to keep refreshing my SQL via VBA while using dynamic ranges to continually update the dashboard. I ran into weird locking issues as well and had to leave it open.

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