Whatever you do, there is something that you need or wish to share with your customers, business partners, members of an organization, support club, friends or any kind of your target audience.

Now, everybody knows how to use Excel and many know how to use Access, but when it comes to publishing it on the Internet, things start to complicate.

Well, not any more!

dbBee is frustration-free software for simple and easy publishing, maintaining and sharing data stored in your MS® Excel® Spreadsheet or MS® Access® database. It enables an average user to publish his Excel workbook or Access database without any programming knowledge and without any changes to the original file (Excel workbook or Access database). Furthermore the user can easily and effortlessly create an application for adding, updating and deleting records (rows) or the one that will enable collecting data online from visitors of his website. And all that will take less time than what's needed to explain an idea to a programmer.

With dbBee database can easily be published, searched and sorted, populated with new data, maintained. dbBee system does not alter the structure of original document, so one can allow visitors to add data to it, download it and use it for whatever purpose.

dbBee includes fully featured free plan, that can be used both for personal and commercial purpose. The paid plans are usage-based and one does not need to delete an account or projects in periods of inactivity. When account is not active, only public parts of the projects become unavailable (deployed applications work only when account is active).

More info http://www.dbbee.com/