I'm a consultant with an iSeries background starting in a role managing software environments at a client using Sybase, which I don't have experience in. The platform is Solaris (as-is) and RHEL (to-be)
I normally find I can grasp enough about a technology once I can translate the native terms into concepts I am already familiar with.
I am being asked can my team "create an activator on this host which points at this database" or "I can't see the activator for this test environment, can you re-start it?" While I have a team of people who do the doing, I don't understand what I'm asking them to do. :-(
To that end I am trying to understand what an "activator" is and what it is analogous to in iSeries or other platforms. I can't find reference to it on search engines or reference material, and the Sybase on-line help site has been down for the last few days.
Any newb help this group can offer would be much appreciated.