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    Question of protocol re possible advertising free software

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if it is considered bad form to advertise software, even if it is being given away. I've spent a few years writing a PHP/MySQL multi-user framework/application that creates forms (with one-to-many r'ships) from XML config files, automatically generates reports and report filters, with the ability to add rules to control state, and permissions to control visibility over almost every element - no coding required. If you do want to change the skins - just edit the XSL.

    I wouldn't mind if someone had a look at it, and gave me their opinion - I'm sure there are many things I could have done better.

    It is available free of charge at There's also an extensive user manual that I've put a fair bit of effort into and am continuing to add to and refine.

    ** Moderators: please delete this post if it's contrary to the spirit of the forum. I would simply like the software that I've slaved over to be of some use to anyone.


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    DBForums only permits advertising posts in the Marketplace forum. Marketing posts are both permitted and encouraged there, and it is pretty much "buyer beware" due to the links that lead you to sites which are not managed by DBForums and where where we have no control over what happens.

    If you want to purchase advertising in other forums within DBForums (such as the PHP forum), I can connect you with the appropriate people.

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    Thanks for advice

    Thanks Pat,

    If I'd only scrolled down that little bit further... I saw "avoid the flames" and thought, "Yup; that's what I need to do" :-)


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